Bachelet´s three zero

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Daniel Núñez, sociologist and Comunist Party deputy candidate in the N° 9 district. 

I believe that this sentence characteristic of the football related language, reflects very well what happened in the recent primary elections of June 30th, where the former president Michelle Bachelet not only won the match, but rather triumphed in the primary elections by an overwhelming marker.

The spectacular opening of the score was with the massivity of the primary elections. All the expectations of civic participation and the government’s somber projections were overcome.  Almost three millions of Chilean citizens voted.

The high number of citizens summoned demonstrated the correct decision of the unitary strategy that the opposition agglutinated in the pact New Majority has been carrying out, and that demonstrated the mistake of  the option of the own path,  bet that at one point seduced the most liberal participant in the opposition, Andrés Velasco. The one to zero of Bachelet is determined because its 1.561.563 votes represent a little more than 50% of the total participation in the primary elections, being her figure decisive for the massivity that reached this consultation.

The two to zero is the enormous distance that  separates the opposition from the candidates of the right wing Alliance. The difference in the number of participants is tremendously significant independently from where you look at it.

In total figures, the sum of all the candidates of the opposition reach the two million citizens, while the Alliance barely arrives at the 800 thousand votes. As if this was not enough, the voting of Bachelet duplicates the adhesion of Allamand and Longueira together; and if we compare the million and half of votes of Bachelet with the 414.380 votes that Longueira had, the distance is much bigger.

Although these results cannot be extrapolated mechanically to November 17, they are an overwhelming sign regarding the deep changes that citizenship demands regarding the prevailing neoliberalism, and it is obvious that the right wing does not have it easy for the presidential election.

Lastly, the third point, the one that consolidates the victory by an overwhelming score, is the great voting of Bachelet regarding her partners of the New Majority. While the former head of State razes with 73%, her contendors Velasco, Orrego and Gómez hardly reach a 27%. That is to say, within the opposition, the hegemony that Bachelet acquires is certain.

After seeing the overwhelming of the figures, a doubt arises within me if the score of three zero is not stingy, because Sunday´s result rather seem a thrashing. But the decisive match is the November one, and it is also played in the parliamentary arena, where the opposition should make an effort to win the highest quantity of possible “doublings”  and this way assure in the parliament the necessary majorities to impel the structural reforms that Bachelet has proposed.


“doublings” = doblajes en votos

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