The challenge of amplifying the “Labbé effect”.

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By Felipe Valenzuela

December 5, 2012

December 6 assume the mayoresses and the mayors, as well as the city councilors, elected and reelected in the last elections of October 28th. For those that assume this commitment with the citizens and against the prevailing neoliberal pattern is valid this reflection.

The law 18.695 of Organic Constitutional of Municipalities reads in its Article 1° that “The local administration of each commune or grouping of communes that determines the law resides in a municipality.  The municipalities are autonomous corporations of public right, with artificial personality and own patrimony whose purpose is to satisfy the necessities of the local community and to assure its participation in the economic, social and cultural progress of the respective communes.”

As you see, the commitment that the mayors and its city councilors acquire is tremendously broad and smashes with big difficulties, of which we will mention only a couple.

Regarding education, the most liberal of the economists will agree in that in order to compete it is necessary to begin from the same base. However, it is absurd that the municipal schools try to compete with the subsidized schools that add to the payment of the parents the contribution of the State, establishing a difference against the municipal establishments practically impossible of overcoming.

In the case of their revenues, the tributary legislation allows that the big business installed in the respective communes pay insignificant quantities for municipal patents, just as points out the evening newspaper “La Segunda” of  last June 30: “Mayors raise the voice for calculation system that facilitates that some important retail firms, supermarkets and pharmacies to even pay $50. – as patent to the municipalities… ridiculous if it is compared with the almost $36.000. – biannual amount that small “sopaipillas” (fried food) shop has to cancel.”

Now then, in the recent municipal election, we were witness of the “Labbé effect”, as demonstration of what can be achieved when you act in unitary form – in spite of the existent legitimate differences -, with the objective of eradicating someone or something bad. The value of the unity for action in this occasion was given by the possibility that it was clear for identification of the “bad”. This character and his performances represented a period of our history that the enormous majority of the Chileans wants to leave behind and it allows the personalization of somber and painful facts.

An effort of the mayoresses and mayors will consist in amplifying the “Labbé effect” in their respective communes, personifying and desacralizing, for example, the market regarding the form in that the economists of the model identify it, as an entity that has own life and it impacts irremediable in the life of people. We already know and many have experienced in our society humanity´s destruction that has meant this role of the “market” as an automated producer of wealth.

To make the effort to personify and to change concepts that sustain the pattern and  cause damage in people such as: competition, success, emprendimiento; and to reestablish words like solidarity, participation, support, companionship, fraternity, adhesion, backing, union, help, defense. It constitutes for the mayors and mayoresses an ethical responsibility the search of the urgent humanization, taking advantage of the opportunity to be daily near people on a daily basis.  To humanize the inhabitants of the commune implies especially, to contribute to only take distance of a life linked with “the to have” material things and to return them the capacity to dream, in a better life linked with the unit between the neighbors and a better world for all. Also, and of great importance, to communicate to the inhabitants of the commune that the problems that they have and their solutions are the same ones of each one of the Chileans in the whole territory that live with their work.

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